Sending Email Reminders for Next Order Coupons
Learn how to remind your customers about their expiring next order coupons automatically.
It is very likely that your customers will forget that they have a coupon code waiting for their next purchase.
Sending 1 or 2 email reminders will increase the repeat purchases in your store. And your customers will appreciate the reminder and the customer engagement will increase over a period of time.
The best of all, you do not have to do this manually. Once the reminders are configured, Retainful will automatically send out the remainders at the set intervals.
Let's get started


  1. 1.
    Subscription to Starter or a higher plan of Retainful (Upgrade here)
  2. 2.
    Next Order Coupon feature enabled
  3. 3.
    An expiration is set in your settings (Required only if you want to use the "Before expiry" condition)

Best Practices

Though these are simple email reminders about thier waiting coupon codes, the following best practices will help you drive more repeat purchases and bring back customers.

1. Number of Emails

While no answer fits every business, our merchants see the most success when creating a series of 2 to 3 email reminders. This approach engages customers at crucial moments and can increase your repeat purchase rates by as much as 50%

2. Order of Emails

The recommended order of the emails can be:
Email 1: Thank them for the purchase
This email can be sent 1 day after the purchase . Use this email to thank the customers for thier purchase and tell them that you are giving a coupon code for their next purchase, as a token of appreciation and a goodwill gesture. Do not use this to promote your other products.
Email 2: Remind them about the waiting coupon .
This email should be sent 10 to 15 days after the purchase. While it serves as a reminder about the waiting coupon code, make sure to inform the customers about the expiry. example: "Your coupon will expire soon. Use it as soon as possible". You can include best selling or popular products from your store.
Email 3: Urgency
This should be sent 3 days before the coupon expires. Highlight the urgency as the coupon is only valid for the next 3 days.
Email 4: (Optional) Remind them about the expiry date.
This email can be sent 1 day before expiry of the coupon code. Example: "Only 24 hours left for the coupon to expire"

Creating and sending the emails

Please go to your Retainful dashboard -> Emails -> Next Order Coupon Follow-up Email Campaign -> Manage Emails
You can make use the of the default email series provided by Retainful as it makes your life easier.
Click on the "Edit" button on the first email "Take 10% of your next purchase" to get started. (You can also use the "Add Email" option to get started as well.
Email Settings
Next Order Coupon Email Reminder - Configuration
Subject Line: The subject line should be interesting enough to get the customer to open the email.
Interval: You can use two types of interval conditional settings here.
After Purchase: Use this if you would like to send the reminder based on the previous purchase date.
Before coupon expires: Use this if you would like to send based on the expiry date of the next order coupon. Example: 1 day before the expiry of the coupon. NOTE: This is useful only when you have enabled validity for your next order coupons. If it is validity is unlimited, then this conditional setting should not be used.
Email Content and Customization
  • Click the "Customize" button in the Email Settings to customize the email content
  • This will open the visual drag and drop editor
  • Use the editor to change the logo, email body and the footer
IMPORTANT: You should always keep the "Coupon block" where it says the {{retainful_coupon}}. No settings required for this.
When the email is sent to the customer, this will be replaced with the coupon code, which is generated at the time of the successful purchase.
Next Order Coupon Email Reminder - Customisation
Personalisation of the Email Content:
You can use the following short codes to personalise the emails specific to the customers
  • {{customer_name}} - The full name of the customer.
  • {{retainful_coupon}} - Displays the next order coupon code generated for the customer
  • {{retainful_shop_url}} - Directs the customer to the shop page when they click the Call-To-Action (CTA) button or any link you have used with this short code.
  • {{retainful_coupon_expiry_date}} - The expiry date of the next order coupon code. Displays the expiry date of the next order coupon.
Activate the Email
Once you have completed editing the email template, please save and close the email. Use the "Save and Set Live" button on the Email settings page or the "Go Live" button on the Campaign Email list page to activate the email.
Create a series
Repeat the steps mentioned above to create a series of email reminders for the customers about their next purchase coupons. Refer to the Best Practices section above to create an optimal email campaign to drive repeat purchases in your store.
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