Smart Sending

Discover Smart Sending in Retainful, your solution for optimized email campaigns.

Smart Sending lets you define a timeframe (e.g., 8 hours, 24 hours) within which subscribers won't receive more than one email from you. This applies to all campaigns and workflows.

Why Is Smart Sending Important?

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: The right frequency keeps your audience interested and receptive to your messages.

  • Reduced Unsubscribes: Nobody enjoys being bombarded, and Smart Sending prevents subscriber annoyance and churn.

  • Improved Sender Reputation: Consistent, controlled sending protects you from being marked as spam by email providers.

Activating Smart Sending:

  1. Go to your account name located at the bottom left corner of your screen.

  2. Click on ‘Settings’.

  3. Navigate to ‘Account Settings’ > Choose ‘Email’ > Select ‘Email Settings’.

  4. Adjust the number of hours for the Smart Sending Period.

Enable Smart Sending For Mails: (Both Workflow & Campaigns)

  1. Click on the email block.

  2. Activate Smart Sending by toggling it on.

  3. Click ‘Update’.

Example: Workflow Smart Sending

Example: Campaign Smart sending

Applying Smart Sending to Additional Emails in the Workflow and Campaign. When you apply the Smart Sending feature to your emails, it ensures that each subscriber receives no more than one email from you within the specified timeframe.

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