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Referral Activity

Learn how to check Referral Activities in Retainful
If you’re using the ‘Referrals’ feature in Retainful, you can visit the Retainful dashboard -> Metrics & Cart Activity -> Referral Activity to find the referral activities.
Referral Activity
Referral Activity
When a customer/advocate shared his/her referral link to a friend, if the friend has used the referral link to visit your store and claimed the ‘Friend Reward’, the referral activity will appear as the following,
[email protected] referred by [email protected] claimed the reward
Also, you can find the coupon code, order total (if the order is placed), status, and date.
When the friend makes his/her first purchase using the friend reward, the advocate reward will be generated and given to the advocate/customer. This activity will appear as,
[email protected] has earned a reward for referring his friend [email protected]
In the Referral Activity section, you will find three different statues.
Completed: When a friend uses the friend reward and makes his/her first purchase or when an advocate successfully refers his/her friend and earns the advocate reward, the status will be marked as ‘Completed’.
Pending: When a friend uses the referral link, visits the store, claims the friend reward, but doesn’t use the reward to place his/her order, the status will appear as ‘Pending’.
Fraud: When a friend used a particular email address ([email protected]) to claim the friend reward, but used the reward with a different email address ([email protected]) to purchase, the referral activity status will be marked as ‘Fraud’. When this happens, the advocate reward will not be generated and sent to the advocate.
NOTE: If an advocate used his/her advocate reward in a different email address, it will be marked as ‘Fraud’ too.
You can find the referral metrics and revenue on the Retainful dashboard and Referrals section.