Customize the Emails for Referral Program

Learn how to customize the emails sent to your existing customers (brand advocates) and their friends.

Retainful sends three types emails when a successful referral happens:

  1. Post Purchase Email providing Referral Code / Link

When your customer makes a successful purchase, Retainful generates a unique referral link (only once... don't worry). You can send this referral code / link to your customers using this email notification.

2. Email to the receiver / friend who got referred by one of your existing customers:

When the friend uses the unique referral link, he lands on your store. He will be asked for his email address to claim his reward. Once he enters the email address, Retainful will verify whether it is genuine and then email him the coupon code / reward.

3. Email to the sender / advocate (your existing customer):

This email is sent when a friend makes a successful purchase using the advocate's referral link. This email will carry the reward coupon for the advocate

You can customize both these emails in Retainful to match your branding. Retainful provides an easy-to-use drag and drop email editor to customize the emails.

Getting Started

  • Login to your Retainful dashboard

  • Go to Referrals -> Referral Email Notifications.

There you can edit the email templates by clicking on Edit option.

  • Click on the "Edit" button to get started

Here is a simple video walk-through

1. Email Settings - Subject Line

Enter a subject line for the email. You can personalize the email by using the following short code {{advocate.reward_name}} {{friend.reward_name}} {{customer_name}} {{first_name}} {{last_name}}

2. Email Body

Click Customize button to start customizing the email body. You can customize the email body using our friendly drag and drop visual email editor.

Here is a sample email

3. Personalizing the Email

Here is the list of short codes that can be used for personalization,

{{friend_email}} - Email of the advocate’s friend who has completed the Referral purchase. {{}} - Name of the Advocate who referred the friend. {{referral_coupon}} - To display the advocate’s coupon code. {{referral_coupon_expiry_date}} - To display the expiry date of the coupon.

{{referral_link}} - To display the referral link {{}} - To display name of the store {{reward.friend_reward_name}} - To display name of the Friend.

{{retainful_shop_url_apply_coupon}} - To link a button or an anchors link and it takes the customer to your store and auto applies the coupon / reward

Personalizing your emails is the best way to increase engagement with the customers

4. Working with the Editor

The editor has two sections:

Blocks: These are the structural blocks of the email body. Example: One column or two columns. You can drag and drop them to add structure.

Elements: These are the content types. Example: Text, Image, etc. You can drag and drop these to add the content.

Customizing the Button Text

Just click on the button. On the right side panel, you will see the settings for the button. You can change its text.

IMPORTANT: Do not change the Link part where, by default, it is filled with the shortcode: {{retainful_shop_url_apply_coupon}}. Before the email is sent, this shortcode will be replaced with your store URL. When clicked, this will take the customer to your store URL and the coupon will be automatically applied.

Testing the Emails

You can use the "Send Test Email" button in the editor to send a test email to one of your email addresses.

Test emails will use "Dummy data". That means, the links, buttons, and coupon codes are just dummy data. You cannot perform any actions on these test emails. The purpose is to check your email design.

Activating the Referral Emails

Once you have finished customizing the emails, save them and then go to the email settings to "Save and Set Live"

Once activated, these emails will be sent when a successful referral events occur in your store.

Next Steps

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