Capturing Customer's email address

Learn how Retainful captures the customer's email address in your online store
An email address is required to recover a cart abandoned by the customers. Retainful can capture the email address of the customer in three different ways

1. At Checkout

This is the default method.
In WooCommerce, the customer's email address is captured as soon as he/she enters it in the checkout form. -
  • Just entering the email address is sufficient.
  • Retainful will capture the email address in real time.
  • No need for the customer to enter the Place order button.
  • Not necessary to login. So even during a guest checkout, the email address is captured
In Shopify, the email address is captured as soon as the customer enters the email address at the checkout and goes to the shipping selection.
If the customer abandons the cart and leaves your store before reaching the checkout without providing any email address, it will be a guest cart. That is, a cart without an email address. These guest carts are NOT recoverable.
Since no email address provider, it is NOT possible to reach out to the customer to recover the carts.
So Retainful gives you two more options / features to capture customer's email address before checkout. You can try one of these options to capture email address early in checkout:

2. Add-to-cart popup

Available for WooCommerce. Requires: Starter or a higher plan
Add-to-cart Email Collection Popup
Add-to-cart Email Collection Popup
Retainful can trigger a popup to capture the customer's email address when the customer "clicks add to cart button".
You can reward the customer with a coupon code for providing their email address. Learn more about Add-to-cart popup

3. Exit Intent Popup

Available for WooCommerce. Requires: Starter or a higher plan
Exit Popup demo
Exit Popup demo
You can capture the customer's email address when he/she tries to leave your store with items in store.
IMPORTANT: The popup is triggered ONLY when the customer leaves your store "With Items in cart"
The Exit Popup can be used to capture email address and also provide a last minute motivation (Example: a 10% discount or a free shipping coupon code)
This popup is triggered when a customer tries to exit by moving his mouse curser towards the close button. In mobile devices, you can either trigger this popup using a time spent on the site or based on the scroll distance (Because, a person have many ways to close a window in mobile (tap, swipe away, double taps, etc).
Set up Exit Popup for your store:
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