Cart Activity

Learn how to check the cart activities in Retainful.

To see the list of carts being tracked by Retainful at your store and the metrics, please go to your Retainful dashboard -> Metrics & Cart Activity -> Cart Activity

This section contains the list of the live, abandoned, and recovered carts. Also, you can find the metrics of your abandoned carts and conversions here.

Abandoned Carts Metrics

The abandoned carts metrics consist of five individual metrics.

Abandoned Revenue: Total revenue of the abandoned carts Abandoned Carts: Total number of abandoned carts tracked by Retainful Recovered Revenue: Total revenue generated from the recovered carts Recovered Carts: Total number of carts recovered by Retainful Recoverable Carts: Total number of carts that contains the email addresses of customers

Carts Activity

Here you can find the list of carts that are tracked by Retainful at your store.

The list will consist of the following,

Live Carts: When a customer is currently shopping at your store, his/her cart will be listed as a ‘Live’ cart in the Retainful dashboard. Abandoned Carts: A live cart will be marked as an ‘Abandoned’ cart if the customer has not made the purchase within a certain period of time.

You can set up the time period to ‘When to consider a cart as abandoned’ at the Retainful dashboard -> Settings -> General -> Abandoned Carts

NOTE: If a customer starts a live cart and completes the purchase eventually, his/her cart will disappear from the Retainful dashboard.

Recovered Carts: When a customer receives an abandoned cart recovery email reminder from Retainful, click on the ‘Cart Recovery’ button/link from the email and complete the purchase, it will be marked as a ‘Recovered’ cart.

Also, a cart will be considered as ‘Recovered’ when a customer copies the dynamic coupon from the abandoned cart recovery email and places an order on his own using that dynamic coupon.

Recoverable Carts: If a customer has submitted his/her email address on the checkout page or Retainful’s Add-to-cart / Exit intent popup while abandoning a cart at your store, that cart will be displayed as ‘Recoverable’ cart in Retainful.

NOTE: When a customer has left an abandoned cart without submitting his/her email address, that cart’s ‘Customer’ field will appear as ‘Guest’ and the cart will be considered as a ‘Guest’ cart. It’s not possible to recover the guest carts as they won’t have the email addresses of customers.

Filter by date range

If you would like to get the Abandoned Carts Metrics & Carts Activity list within a certain period of time (Like the last 7 days, last 30 days) you can use the ‘Filter by date range’ option which you can find on the right side of the ‘Cart Activity’ section.


On the right top of the ‘Carts’ list, you can find the ‘Delete Guest Carts’ and ‘Export as CSV’ buttons. By using the ‘Delete Guest Carts’ button you can delete all the guest carts you have. And, the ‘Export as CSV’ button lets you download the list of abandoned carts (recoverable) and recovered carts as a CSV file.

Also, when you click on the ‘View’ icon under ‘Actions’ column of the carts list, you should be able to view the cart and checkout information of the cart.

You can delete a cart by clicking on the ‘Delete’ icon.

NOTE: If you delete a cart, all the metrics/conversions related to that cart will be deleted as well. Also, if you delete an abandoned cart, and if the cart has already entered a live workflow, that cart will exit from the workflow.

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