Coupon Timer

The countdown timer can be added to any message, popup or banner.

This guide walks you through the steps to show a countdown timer using the Reatinful Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin for Woocommerce.


The coupon timer premium add on offers the following features

  • A timer that can be displayed in your website pages (pages of your choice)

  • Customise the display settings of the timer.

1. Setting up Coupon Timer

Navigate to Woocommerce → Retainful → Premium features → Coupon Timer. Here you can enable and set the following,

  • Enable Coupon Timer: Set to Yes.

  • Choose the coupon code: Choose the coupon from the dropdown list. Coupons created via Woocommerce will be listed here.

  • Custom Pages to display the coupon timer: Select pages in which the timer should be displayed.

  • Apply coupon: Choose if the coupon should be automatically added to cart or manually added by the customer.

  • Time: Enter the time to display the timer. Time entered here is considered in minutes.

  • Coupon expiry message: Enter text to display. This message will be displayed when you are trying to enter the coupon code after the coupon has expired.

2. Customising Display Settings

The countdown timer can be displayed in three ways

  • Top position of the page

  • Above cart display settings

  • Display settings after applying the coupon

The settings are the same for all three options. You can either choose to display the same display settings or provide different display messages and colour settings.

Top position of the page

Set the option to “Yes” and choose the colour easily via colour picker.

Above cart display settings

Set the same way as chosen for “Top position of page”.

Display settings after applying coupon

This message will be displayed after applying the coupon in cart.

3. Save and Set Live!!

Start increasing sales by activating the count down timer and increase sales.

4. How does it look in Storefront?

This is how it looks in the cart page,

Screenshot of cart page after applying coupon in cart.

Screenshot of cart page when you are trying to apply coupon after the coupon is expired