Getting started with Signup Forms

Learn how you can effortlessly create easy-to-use Sign-Up Forms and unlock the opportunities.

The sign-up form is a pop-up feature that prompts visitors on your site to provide their email contact. With Retainful, you can create these pop-up forms to transform site visitors into customers and engage them through tailored emails.

Step 1: Enable Signup Forms/Popups in Retainful Settings

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard.

  • Navigate to Retainful -> Settings.

  • Set 'Enable Signup Forms / Popups' to 'Yes'.

Step 2: Create a Sign-Up Form in Retainful Dashboard

  • Login to your Retainful dashboard.

  • Go to Sign-up Forms and click on 'Create a Form'.

  • Provide a name for the form, and add a description.

  • Choose the type of sign-up form.

  • Click on ‘Create a form’.

Engage and captivate your audience with a range of dynamic popups tailored for diverse interactions on your e-commerce platform.

Popup Options:

Enhance your e-commerce strategy with strategically timed popups to captivate your audience and drive meaningful interactions. Explore the power of the Add to Cart Popup, Exit Intent Popup, Welcome Popup, and Popup to boost customer engagement and minimize cart abandonment

Add to Cart Popup:

  • The Add to Cart Popup is a strategic tool for e-commerce platforms. It prompts a popup to collect the customer’s email address immediately after they click “Add to Cart.”

  • Benefits: Integrates offers within the popup, providing an immediate incentive for customers to share their email. Effectively reduces cart abandonment and enhances customer engagement.

Exit Intent Popup:

  • The Exit Intent Popup is triggered as a visitor intends to leave your site. It serves as a last-minute attempt to retain the visitor's attention before they navigate away.

  • Benefits: Helps reduce bounce rates and cart abandonment by presenting targeted offers or messages at the precise moment a visitor is about to exit, encouraging them to stay.

Welcome Popup:

  • The Welcome Popup appears when a visitor first lands on your website. It provides a warm greeting and often includes a call-to-action or special offer to encourage immediate engagement.

  • Benefits: Creates a positive first impression, introduces visitors to promotions, and encourages them to explore further. An effective way to capture initial interest and encourage sign-ups.

General Popup:

  • The General Popup is a versatile form that can be triggered based on specific conditions, such as time spent on the site, scroll depth, or clicks on particular elements.

  • Benefits: Offers flexibility in customization and targeting. Can be used for various purposes, including showcasing promotions, collecting feedback, or highlighting new products, based on specific visitor behaviors.

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