Learn how to install Retainful app in your Shopify store.

Start recovering abandoned checkouts in your Shopify store in 2 easy steps with Retainful.

  1. Install Retainful App

  2. Create your cart recovery campaign

Install Retainful App

  1. Go to the Shopify Appstore

  2. Click the "Add app" button

Installing Retainful App in Shopify Store

Follow the simple on-screen steps to install the App.

Once installed, you will be redirected to the Retainful dashboard.

Make sure you enter a password for your account so that you can later login to Retainful dashboard directly as well. (Instead of logging into your Shopify store and clicking the Retainful link at your store, you can directly access your Retainful dashboard at as well)

Create Your Retainful Account Password

Once done, you should be able to see your Retainful dashboard.

Retainful Dashboard

You are good to go!

Next Steps

To start recovering abandoned carts in your store, you need set up your recovery email campaign first.

Create your cart recovery email campaign


Now that you have installed the Retainful app, let's get started.