Create a Referral Program

Learn how to set up a Referral program for your store

Referral is one of the powerful organic method to increase your store revenue. It helps you turn your existing customers into your brand ambassadors and bring in their friends as new customers.

This guide will help you set up the Referral program in a few simple steps:


  • Retainful app installed ( Learn how: Shopify | WooCommerce )

  • An active subscription to a paid plan. Referral feature is available in the Starter, Growth and Professional plans (You can try it free during the 14-day free trial)

1. For Shopify Stores

In your Shopify store -> Settings -> Checkout, make sure you set "Customer Accounts" field to: Accounts are optional or Accounts are required. (This is will be useful as your customers can login and view the referral rewards they earned).

See the screenshot below:

Before we get started, make sure that you have installed Retainful in your Shopify store. If you have not yet installed, please follow this guide to install Retainful app in your Shopify store.

2. For WooCommerce Stores

In your WordPress dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Accounts & Privacy tab, make sure that you have enabled (checked) the following two options

  1. Allow customers to create an account during checkout

  2. Allow customers to create an account on the "My account" page

Make sure you have at least 2.5.0 or later version of the Retainful plugin. The referral support for WooCommerce is only available in the latest version of the Retainful plugin. If you are using a lower version, please update to the latest version

Type of Referral Rewards

You can offer three types of rewards to your existing customers and their friends for referring & getting referred.

  1. Fixed Amount Discount: It is a flat discount amount. Example: You get $20 and your friend gets $20. That is, the friend will get a $20 coupon code on his first purchase. Upon his successful purchase through the referral, the customer who referred the friend will get $20 coupon code

  2. Percentage discount: You can also offer a percentage discount. Example: You get 5% and your friend gets 5%.

  3. Free Shipping coupon: It is a free shipping offer

NOTE: You can mix and match these reward types. That is, the advocate can have one type of reward, the friend can have another type of reward. Example: You get $10, your friend gets 5% coupon code.

Referral Program Configuration

In three simple steps, you will be able to start a Referral Program for your store

  1. Configure Advocate Reward

  2. Configure Friend Reward

  3. Enable the Referral program

1. Configure Advocate Reward

Make sure that you have logged into your Retainful dashboard. Go to the Referrals menu to get started with the configuration.

  • In the Advocate reward section, click the "Edit" button

  • Choose the type of reward you would like to offer.

  • In the following screen, configure the reward

Reward Title: You can enter the reward name that you wish to display in the emails, widgets and popups here.

Reward value: The value of the coupon code. When the customer's friend makes a successful purchase, a coupon code with the value set here will be generated and sent to the customer. Example: 20 (Do not enter any symbols. Examples of accepted values: 10, 10.00 (use dot as the decimal separator)

Minimum spending Required (Optional): This is an optional setting. Useful when you would like to set a minimum spending limit for the reward.

Prefix for discount code (Optional): You can set a coupon prefix. Example: ACME_ So when a coupon code is generated, it will look like: ACME_VENKY5TTD

Reward validity (Optional): You can set an expiry for the coupon code. It is recommended to have a validity for the reward so that people claim the reward as quickly as possible. You can consider at least 30 days of validity.

Click "Save changes" to save the reward.

2. Configure Friend Reward

Click on the "Edit" button in the Friend Reward section to get started with the configuration.

  • Choose the reward type

  • Configure the reward settings. The settings are quite similar to the "advocate's reward settings"

3. Enable the Reward Program

Once configured both the Advocate and the Friend Rewards, you will be able to enable the Referral program for your store.

For WooCommerce stores:

After enabling the Referral program in Retainful dashboard, go to your WordPress dashboard -> Retainful -> Settings and Set 'Yes' for 'Enable Referral program for your store?'

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