Popup Targeting

Learn how to use the targeting condition in the popup.

Choose who sees (or doesn’t see) the popup: This allows you to target specific audiences.

Choose who sees or doesn't see the popup based on your preference:

  • Match All: Match all specified conditions.

which means that all conditions must be satisfied for the popup to appear. For example, if a customer spends 30 seconds on a page, the popup will only appear after 30 seconds.

  • Match Any: Match any of the specified conditions.

The popup will appear if any of the conditions are satisfied.

  1. Adjust Popup Frequency

Customize how often each visitor sees your message:

  • Set the popup to appear a specific number of times per visitor.

  • Define the time interval between each appearance (Can be hours, minutes, or seconds).

  • This allows for strategic timing that aligns with the user's browsing experience.

  1. Geo-Targeting: Display the popup based on the visitor's location (The selected countries can be shown or hidden).

  • Can add multiple locations based on your preference.

Example: If You want to offer a country-specific promotion.

Use Geo-Targeting to show the popup only to visitors from the targeted countries.

  1. Visitor Session: Show the popup for new or returning visitors.

New Visitors: With the "Visitor Session" setting for new visitors, you can configure the popup to be shown exclusively to users who are accessing your site for the first time. This allows you to introduce them to special offers in your store.

Returning Visitors: When configuring the popup settings for returning visitors, you can show the popup exclusively to users who have already engaged with your site (Customers who visit to store after 24 hrs are considered as returning visitors).

  1. Language: Tailor popup visibility based on the visitor's website language (The selected languages can be shown or hidden).

  • Can add multiple languages.

  1. URL Specific: Trigger the popup for visitors on or not on a specific page.

Match All and Match Any Conditions:

Match All: The popup will be triggered only if all specified conditions are met simultaneously.

Match Any: The popup will be triggered if any one of the specified conditions is met.

Conditions for Matching:

Define conditions for matching based on the page URL(s).

Conditions include:

Contains: Trigger the popup if the page URL contains a specific term or phrase.

Equals: Specify an exact match for the page URL.

Start With: Trigger the popup if the page URL starts with a specific string.

End With: Trigger the popup if the page URL ends with a specific string.

Adding Multiple URLs:

You have the flexibility to add multiple page URLs, providing a granular approach to targeting specific pages.

For each condition (contains, equals, starts with, or ends with), you can add multiple URLs.

  1. Spent On Pages: Show the popup once a visitor spends a specified time on a page.

Example: The popup will appear after a visitor has been on a page for a selected period.

  1. Spent On Site: Display the popup after a visitor's total time on the site reaches a specific duration.

Example: The popup will appear after a visitor has been on the entire website for a selected period.

This empowers you to effectively tailor popups, ensuring they reach specific audiences based on your desired criteria.

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