Exit-Intent Popup

Learn how to reduce cart abandonment and convert more visitors into customers with exit-intent popup.

What Exit Intent popup?

'Exit Intent popup', which detects visitors who are trying to leave your website without purchasing or providing their information.

Over 60% of the shoppers leave your website after adding items to their cart. Exit intent popup can help you reduce cart abandonment and convert more visitors into customers.

Why the sign-up form/popup is not showing up on my website? Sign-up form / Popups will not show if ANY of the following scenarios are true:

  • If the customer has already signed up in the form/popup (subscribed)

  • If the customer is already identified or cookies (for example: entered his email address at the checkout or in the signup form/popup)

  • If the customer is already logged in

  • If the popup has a frequency setting enabled and the frequency limit is reached (ex. If the frequency is set to 1 per visitor, the popup shows only once per visitor. It will not show the second time)

NOTE: If you are testing the popup / sign-up form, please open a Private / Incognito Browser window in your browser -> visit your storefront -> and then test.

NOTE: Make sure you do not have multiple incognito windows open.

Now, Let's see how to reach out to them.

WooCommerce MerchantsIn WooCommerce, you need to enable the "Sign up form" in the Retainful plugin

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard -> Retainful -> Settings

  • Set 'Enable Signup Forms / Popups' to 'Yes'.

  • Save

Let's create the Exit Intent Sign-up form

  • Login to your Retainful dashboard.

  • Go to Sign-up Forms and click on 'Create a Form'.

  • Provide a name for the form.

  • Choose the Audience lists.

In case, you do not have an existing List, you can create one.

  • Choose "Exit-Intent signup form" as a type.

  • Click on " Create a form".

Choose Template:

  • Choose from our pre-designed signup form templates or start from scratch and customize it according to your preferences.

Customizing your Sign up form template

Retainful allows you to customize the popup design. You can change the default text, button text, and more.

The drag-and-drop editor comes with a number of styling options to help you customize your sign up form template.

Blocks: Use a range of customizable blocks such as text, images, and buttons. You can drag and drop these blocks to add more content elements

Style Manager: This allows you to adjust position and style settings to suit their preferences, enhancing the visual appeal of the pop-up.

Learn more about the popup editor and how to work with it: Click here

  • Page Manager:

Located at the top of the editor, it includes tabs like “Main Page”, “Thank You”, and “Teaser”. These represent different stages in the pop-up transition, from email collection to the display of the thank you page with the coupon.

  • Save the Form at the top right corner, After making all the desired changes.

Sign-Up Form Settings:

With the signup form settings, you can set the following:

  • Devices: Options to enable the popup for Desktop and Mobile.

  • Teaser: A toggle to enable the teaser.

  • Edit Template: A button to edit the popup template.

Settings Summary:

  1. Choose Audience List: A dropdown menu to add or change the list.

Note: You can add a maximum of 5 lists, but only one list can be added to the workflow.

The lists created or added can be used for future campaign purposes. This allows users to effectively target their audience in subsequent campaigns, making the process more streamlined and efficient.

  1. When your visitors get the popup?: This setting determines when the popup will be shown.

Note: Choose the trigger(s) that will launch your popup. If you choose more than one, the first one that gets triggered will launch the popup ("OR" condition).

Exit Intent Popup: Exit Intent will be auto-enabled as we have chosen the ‘Exit-Intent ‘ signup form which triggers when a customer leaves your website without purchasing or providing their information.

  • This feature intelligently detects a visitor's intention to exit, prompting the popup at the opportune moment, and providing a last-chance engagement to retain their interest.

Other Trigger options:

Unlock flexibility by activating multiple trigger options according to your preferences. Learn how to configure these triggers for optimal engagement: Click here.

  1. Tailor Popup Visibility:

Choose who sees (or doesn't see) the popup

Diversify targeting options by activating multiple settings aligned with your preferences. Discover how to configure these targeted options for precise audience engagement: Click here.

This step empowers you to effectively tailor popups, ensuring they reach specific audiences based on your desired criteria.

Step 7: Enable the Form

  • After confirming your settings, take the next step by enabling the form and saving your configurations.

  1. When a customer tries to leave your website without purchasing he will see the popup:

2. Upon the customer's entry of their email address and the click on "Submit," an enticing discount code is revealed in a popup.

This exclusive offer serves as a powerful incentive, motivating the customer to finalize their purchase. It not only adds value to their shopping experience but also enhances the likelihood of completing the transaction.

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