Import Contacts From Store

Learn How to import contacts from Store to Retainful.

If you are already using Retainful or just getting started, you would want to import your existing contacts (customers) from your WooCommerce store and create lists/segments with them for sending email campaigns and analytics.

So, we have added an option in the Retainful dashboard -> Contacts section to allow you to import your existing contacts and their order histories from your WordPress dashboard.

Let us see how to use the option to sync orders and contacts.

Step 1: Login to your Retainful dashboard -> Contacts and click on 'Import Contacts'.

Step 2:

  • Choose an import type - >"Import from store" and continue.

Step 3: Data Validation: Ensure a smooth import process by verifying key details before import.

Click on 'Continue'.

Step 3: Now, a prompt will appear; Select the checkbox to accept the policy of GDPR compliance then Click on the 'confirm & Import' button in the prompt to proceed.

That's all required. The orders and contacts will be imported within a couple of minutes.

You can find the imported contacts in the contacts section below,

You have successfully imported your contacts and their order history.

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