Import Contacts From CSV File

Learn How to import contacts from CSV file to Retainful.
The "Import from CSV File" within Retainful streamlines the process of transferring data from a CSV file to your Retainful account. This feature proves particularly valuable when migrating essential customer information from a different platform, enhancing the efficiency of the data transition process.
Please ensure you are on a premium plan before utilizing the "Import from CSV File" feature, as it is exclusive to premium subscribers. It is not applied for free or trial users.
  1. 1.
    Access the Import Section
Import Contacts
  • Choose an import type - >"Import from CSV File" and continue.
Import from a CSV File
2. Prepare Your CSV File
  • Ensure your CSV file is correctly formatted with the required data.
  • Make sure the columns in your CSV align with Retainful's data fields.
Feel free to download the sample CSV file and use it as a reference for the fields.
Download Sample CSV FIle
  1. 3.
    Choose Your CSV File
  • Drag & Drop or Choose a CSV file to upload
  • Select your prepared CSV file from your computer.
Make sure that each CSV file is no larger than 20MB and does not exceed 10,000 rows.
  1. 4.
    Import Settings
  • Lists: Choose one or most lists where you want to add these contacts. (Maximum 5 lists).
  • Subscription Status: Choose the subscription status of the contacts.
  • Overwrite if contact exists? Choosing this option will overwrite if a contact already exists in Retainful.
Choose CSV FIle
  • Click on Continue.
  1. 5.
    Verify and Confirm
  • Verify the information in the preview to ensure accuracy.
  • Click "Confirm & Import" to proceed.
  • It will take a moment and you will get a message that ‘Your import has been completed’.
Verify The Information
And that's it! You've successfully imported data from your CSV file into Retainful.