Import Contacts From CSV File

Learn How to import contacts from CSV file to Retainful.

The "Import from CSV File" within Retainful streamlines the process of transferring data from a CSV file to your Retainful account. This feature proves particularly valuable when migrating essential customer information from a different platform, enhancing the efficiency of the data transition process.

Please ensure you are on a premium plan before utilizing the "Import from CSV File" feature, as it is exclusive to premium subscribers. It is not applied for free or trial users.

Access the Import Section

  • Choose an import type - >"Import from CSV File" and continue.

Prepare your CSV file

  • Ensure your CSV file is correctly formatted with the required data.

  • Make sure the columns in your CSV align with Retainful's data fields.


Feel free to download the sample CSV file and use it as a reference for the fields.

Choose Your CSV File

  • Drag & Drop or Choose a CSV file to upload

  • Select your prepared CSV file from your computer.


Make sure that each CSV file is no larger than 20MB and does not exceed 10,000 rows.

Import Settings

  • Lists: Choose one or most lists where you want to add these contacts. (Maximum 5 lists).

  • Subscription Status: Choose the subscription status of the contacts.

  • Overwrite if contact exists? Choosing this option will overwrite if a contact already exists in Retainful.

  • Click on Continue.

Verify and Confirm

  • Verify the information in the preview to ensure accuracy.

  • Click "Confirm & Import" to proceed.

  • It will take a moment and you will get a message that ‘Your import has been completed’.

And that's it! You've successfully imported data from your CSV file into Retainful.

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