Creating a Campaign

Learn about how to create and send email campaigns in Retainful.

Retainful’s Campaigns feature lets you create and send email campaigns to one or more lists or segments of contacts. Also, you can create a campaign and schedule it to be sent at a later date and time.

The Campaigns feature helps you keep engaged with your contacts by sending enticing newsletters, product updates, promotions, and more.

Let us see how you can create and send email campaigns using the Campaigns feature.


Before you get started, you need to check the following things,

  1. "Campaigns" is a premium feature. So, make sure you are on a premium plan or free trial.

  2. Make sure you have created a list or segment of contacts to whom you’re planning to send the campaign. Learn how to create a list or segment here.

  3. Check and confirm if you have verified your email sending domain. Learn how to verify your domain here.

You can still create a campaign even if you don’t satisfy the last point, but you cannot send or schedule it.

Creating a Campaign

Follow the below steps to create a campaign,

Step 1: Log in to your Retainful dashboard -> Campaign

Step 2: Click on the ‘Create Campaign’ button

Step 3: Give a name to your campaign

Step 4: Set up the email address, subject line, preview text, from the name, and reply to the email address.

Click on the 'Create Campaign' button on the right side to create the campaign.

Editing Email Template

Once the above steps are completed, you will be prompted to select and edit the email template for your campaign.

Select an email template from the library and customize it per your needs.

After editing the email template, click the ‘Save & next’ button to select the recipients.

Selecting Recipients

You can send the email campaign to all your contacts available in your Retainful dashboard -> Customers or to a specific list or segment of customers.

Click on ‘All contacts’ to select all your contacts.

To select a list or segment, you need to click on the ‘Choose List & Segments’ option.

You have the flexibility to select more than one segment or list of customers as recipients for the email campaign.

Sending Campaign

Once you have selected the recipients, click on the ‘Save & Next’ button to review your email campaign.

In this step, you can review the email properties, email template, and recipients.

After reviewing the campaign, you need to click on the ‘Send Campaign’ button to send or schedule it.

Select ‘Send now’ and hit the ‘Send Campaign Now’ button to start sending the email campaign immediately.

If you would like to schedule to send the email at a later time, you can select ‘Schedule’ to choose a date and time. After selecting the date and time, hit the ‘Schedule Campaign’ button, so the email campaign will be scheduled to be sent at the selected date and time.

That's all required. You have created a campaign and sent it successfully.

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