Invite Team Members

Learn how to invite your colleagues & teammates to join your Retainful account & collaborate.

Retainful's “Team" feature is designed to streamline collaboration within your team and enhance productivity.


  • Please ensure you are on a premium plan before utilizing the "Team" feature, as it is exclusive to premium subscribers. It is not applied for free, trial, and essential users.

  1. Access the "Team" Section:

  • Go to your account name at the bottom left corner of your screen.

  • Click on ‘Settings’.

  • Navigate to the "Team" section.

2. Add Team Members:

  • Click on the "Add Team Member" button.

  • Enter the email address of your team member.

  • Select the access rights for your team member, such as viewing, managing, editing, publishing, and more.

3. Invite Team Members:

  • Team members will initially receive an invitation via email, which remains valid for 7 days.

  • If an invitation is pending or has expired, it can be resent.

  • To join Retainful, team members must accept the invitation first and then log in to the store, to which the access has been granted.

  1. Team member Details:

  • You can find the team member details from the ‘Team’ section.

  • If you want to change member permissions click on ‘Edit’ A popup will appear, and from there you can make update changes.

  • To remove access click on ‘Remove access’, and a popup will appear hit the Remove Member button.

For example: Where you have a marketing team using Retainful. With the "Team" feature, the team leader can add members like the content creator, designer, etc. Each member is given specific permissions.

Collaborate on Campaigns:

  • Share access to email campaigns and automation workflows with team members.

  • Assign specific tasks or roles to team members for efficient collaboration.

By implementing Retainful's "Team" feature, you'll experience improved efficiency, better organization, and seamless collaboration among your team members, ultimately leading to more successful and targeted email marketing campaigns.

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