How to check conversions

In this article, let us learn how to check the Abandoned Carts and Post Purchase conversion reports.

Abandoned Carts and Conversions

Retainful offers real-time monitoring and a complete analysis of abandoned carts and recovered carts. One can view these reports on the Retainful dashboard, Abandoned Carts section

The recent carts will be displayed on the dashboard itself.

You can find the following information about the recent carts:

  1. Status of the carts

  2. Created date

  3. Cart ID

  4. Customer email address

  5. Customer phone number

  6. Cart total

While clicking on the view icon, you will be able to view the cart information like items, quantity, subtotal, and total.

If you would like to see all your abandoned carts, live carts, and recovered carts, you can just click on 'See all' to go to the 'Cart Activity' Section.

Post Purchase Conversions

In the Retainful dashboard -> Post Purchase Conversions section you can find the performance overview of the Post Purchase email campaigns (Like Next order coupon emails, winback emails) that are created under Retainful dashboard -> Automations section.

When a customer places an order using the next order coupon sent through the Post Purchase email from Retainful, it will be marked as a Post Purchase Conversion.

Also, if you go to your Retainful dashboard -> Metrics & Cart Activity -> Conversions, you can find the detailed conversions list (abandoned carts, post purchase, and referrals) of all campaigns. And, you can use the campaign type filter to find the campaign-wise conversions list.


Next to the Post Purchase conversions in the Retainful dashboard, you can find the metrics of the Referral Program.

Total Revenue: Total revenue you have generated from the Referral Program.

Reward Issued: Total number of referral rewards generated and issued to friends and advocates.

Referral Members: Total number of customers who have got referral links.

If you would like to check the 'Referral Activities', please go to Retainful dashboard -> Metrics & Cart Activity -> Referral Activity

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