How to check conversions
In this page, let us learn how to check the Abandoned cart and Next order coupon Conversion reports.

Abandoned carts and conversions

Retainful offers a real-time monitoring and complete analysis of abandoned carts and recovered carts. One can view these reports in the dashboard of one's Retainful dashboard and under the Abandoned carts section.
Abandoned Carts Conversions
More information on abandoned carts and conversion
Better insights of the recent carts can be found below the abandoned cart and conversion overview at the dashboard and also at the Manage->Carts section.
Users can find the following information about the recent carts:
  1. 1.
    Status of the carts
  2. 2.
    Created date
  3. 3.
    Cart value
  4. 4.
    Items in the cart
Carts Information
While clicking on the view icon, the user's cart information would popup.
Now that we can monitor the user activities on our store, let us Learn how to set up an abandoned cart email sequence using Retainful here.

Next order Coupons and Conversions

Users can also monitor the performance of the Next order coupons that are triggered dynamically after an order is placed.
They can analyse the number of next order coupons sent and the conversions achieved with the coupons.
The overview can be found both at the Dashboard and at the Next Order Coupons section under Manage menu.
A coupon is considered as a conversion whenever a user applies the particular coupon and places an order with the store.
Next Order Coupon Conversions
Further deep insights including the Coupon code, user associated with the coupon, conversions can be found like below:
Next Order Coupons List
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