Getting started with List & Segments

Learn how to use List & Segments feature in Retainful.

The ‘List & Segments’ feature is built to help you improve your targeting with easy segmentation. It allows you to send personalized email campaigns to your contacts based on their shopping behavior and increases engagement.

Before learning how to make use of the ‘List & Segments’ feature, it’s important to know the difference between lists and segments.

What is a List?

It’s basically a static list of contacts you can create from all your existing contacts in the Retainful dashboard or a curated list of contacts selected using segmentation filters.

A list doesn’t grow.

What is a Segment?

Unlike lists, segments can be created only using segmentation filters. A segment will consist of contacts that match the filter conditions now, contacts that match the filter conditions in the future will be added to the segment automatically. Also, if a contact no longer matches the conditions, the contact will be automatically removed from the segment.

A segment can grow or shrink based on the filter conditions.

How to use List & Segments?

List & Segments can be typically used in two ways,

  1. To send targeted email campaigns:

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the main goal of the list & segments feature is to help you send personalized email campaigns to your contacts.

For example, you can easily create a list of contacts who have not purchased in the last 45 days and send them a win-back email.

  1. For analysis:

Since you can use filter conditions to create lists and segments, you can keep track of customers shopping behavior and engagement with your emails. It can help you make data-driven decisions.

For example, you can create a list of contacts who have abandoned multiple carts in the last 30 days. You can compare it with the number of people who have placed orders and optimize your checkout process for a better conversion rate.

Now, go ahead and create a list with the contacts.

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