Managing multiple stores with Retainful

You might be having multiple e-commerce stores and might want to reduce abandoned carts on all of your stores.

You might be wondering if you have to create multiple accounts to manage all your carts effectively.

Retainful allows you to add and manage as many stores as you wish on your Retainful account itself.

All you have to do is create a single account with Retainful. The stores would be managed independently within the Retainful account.

Add store

On the left corner of your Retainful account, you would find the store to which Retainful is connected to. Click on the drop-down and click on 'add store'.

Choose your store's platform

Retainful supports WooCommerce and Shopify. Choose WooCommerce to add your WooCommerce online store.

Enter your store's domain

Add the store's domain on the domain name field and click ‘Create’

Hurray! We have now added our store to the Retainful account.

Now, you can try all the features of the Retainful Premium during the trial period free of cost.

Each store added to the Retainful account has independent contact limit according to the plan you have chosen for that particular store.

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