How to Test Referral Program

Learn how to test the referral program on your store.

How to Test the Referral program like a customer

Please follow the steps below to see how a customer would get a referral link when he becomes a member of the store or by signing into your store with his existing account credentials.


  1. The Referral Program needs to be enabled at Retainful dashboard -> Referrals

  2. Referral Email Notifications need to be enabled as well.

Testing steps

  1. Open your storefront in a private / incognito window (so that you can browse like a customer)

  2. You should be able to view the Referral Launcher on your store

3. Click on the launcher to view the referral widget. In the widget, you can click on the 'Join now' button to create an account on the store. Alternatively, you can click on 'Sign in' to login with an existing account.

4. Once you have logged into the store, you should be able to view your referral link in the referral widget. Copy the referral link to test it like a friend. and close the window.

5. Open a fresh private / incognito window and paste the referral link and click enter (so that you can browse like a friend)

6. Now, you will be redirected to your store. There, you will be instructed to provide your email address in the friend reward claim popup to receive the friend reward coupon. Once you provide the email address, the coupon code will be emailed to the provided email address and also be displayed on the friend reward popup.

Make sure you use an email address that has not been used in your store before. Otherwise, the friend reward coupon will not be generated.

7. Once when you place a successful order with the friend reward coupon. The advocate reward will be generated and sent to the advocate.

Next Steps

Now, you can check the referral activities in the Retainful dashboard -> Metrics & Cart Activity -> Referral Activity section.


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