Frequently asked Questions
1. Where can I view my sent emails?
Retainful maintains a list of emails that have been sent to users.
You can find the detailed report of sent emails on your Retainful account under Retainful dashboard → Outbox tab
2. How do I change the From address in emails?
An option to change the "From" address can be found in the Emails tab of your Retainful account.
If you have not mentioned any From address, the From address would be the email address that you registered with Retainful.
However, if you wish to add/ edit the From address, you could do so here:
Email Properties
3. How to test abandoned cart emails with Retainful?
Once you set up an abandoned cart email sequence on your Retainful account, you can check the layout of the email by clicking on the Send test email button on the appropriate email template:
Emails → Manage emails → Edit → Customize → Send test emails.
Testing Email Design
A popup would show up where you could enter the email address to which the email is to be sent.
Enter Email Address
Alternative approach
If you wish to check if the elements of your abandoned cart emails are working fine, then you might want to abandon a cart on your storefront and wait for your abandoned cart email to be triggered.
As a time-saver, you could set the time limit to consider the cart as abandoned to the minimum available time(1 minute).
Also, you could reduce the time limit of the abandoned cart mail sequence in terms of minutes.
This is only for testing purposes. You might want to change the time intervals to the desired limits post testing the workflow.
4. What are the ways to collect user's email address before they checkout using Retainful?
Retainful gives you two more options/features to collect customer's email:
  1. 1.
    Exit Intent popup - You can trigger a popup when a customer tries to leave your site when having items in cart. The popup can have an email collection form or a coupon or both Click Here to view the guide.
  2. 2.
    Add to cart popup - You can trigger an email collection popup when customer clicks add to cart. Click Here to view the guide.
Retainful supports all these in WooCommerce Stores.
Just sign up for a free account and you can start a 14-day free trial.
Exit Popup and Add to cart popup are premium add-ons. You can download the Retainful Premium Add-ons plugin from our billing section and try it for 14 days
Click here to download the premium plugin.
5. Unable to disable the plugins on WordPress dashboard
Sometimes, you might receive an error while trying to disable plugins on your site's backend that says "The link you are following is expired".
Points to check
  1. 1.
    Are you using Retainful version 2.x?
  2. 2.
    Is the Retainful Premium plugin enabled?
If your answer to the above questions is Yes, then:
Solution: In the latest Retainful version, we have merged the Premium plugin into the Retainful core plugin.
De-activate the Retainful Premium plugin and this issue will be sorted out.
6. Can I remove or exclude certain contacts from Retainful account?
There are no options to remove or exclude certain contacts(probably your test contacts) from your Retainful account. Every unique email address you collect using Retainful account would be treated as a unique contact.
7. What happens after I reach the contact limit allowed for my plan?
For example, If you are using the FREE plan. With the Free plan, you are allowed a contact limit of 300 contacts.
Once you reach the 300 contact limit, cart recovery emails and cart tracking would be stopped.
To continue tracking carts and sending recovery emails, you will have to upgrade to other paid plans.
Click here to know the plans and features that Retainful offers.
8. The add to cart button functions very slow
This may be because of the Cart tracking engine that you are using.
Navigate to Woocommerce → Retainful → Abandoned carts → Settings.
Set the cart tracking engine to Javascript engine.
The PHP tracking engine gets processed at the server end, while javascript uses the browser for interacting with the API.
So, the Javascript engine tracks carts and also processes all the requests at a better speed.
9. Can we bulk delete Customer Data?
Retainful is a Customer Retention Tool. It is not an email marketing tool. It helps you increase the average Revenue per customer through features like
  • Abandoned Cart recovery
  • Referrals / Refer a friend campaigns
  • Next Order Coupons
As a result, a customer's record is vital to achieve this. In the future, we are planning to build more tools around the customer record so that you can increase the Life Time Value of a customer over a period of time.  So an accidental deletion of a customer record will delete all the data related to that customer. Example: Abandoned carts, referrals, coupons and more. As a result, the customer will not be able to recover cart, redeem the referrals and so on.
Even for smaller tasks you need the customer data. For example: Say, John has unsubscribed from your emails. After a week, you deleted the John's customer record. Then, when John abandons a cart next time, he will receive the email :-( Because, his data is deleted.
As a result, we do not provide a bulk delete option at the moment. But you an go to the Customer's Section and delete the records.
10. What is a contact?
Retainful is a Customer Retention solution. It is not an email marketing software. The Ultimate goal is to increase the "Average Revenue Per Customer" by recovering carts, driving repeat purchases and acquiring new customers through referrals without spending tons of money on google and facebook ads.  So the contacts are central to all the features in Retainful.  We offer the following features:
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Next Order Coupons
  • Referrals / Refer-a-friend
Here is detailed explanation on what is a Contact and why we have contact pricing:
  • A contact is an email address collected either through tracking abandoned carts or next order coupons
  • In simple terms, 1 email is 1 contact. Even if one contact has multiple abandoned carts, it will be treated as one contact.
  • Unlimited emails can be sent to a contact. (Example: If a contact has 10 abandoned carts, it will still be considered as 1 contact.... but he can be sent unlimited emails)
  • We do not count the contacts that were unsubscribed or deleted.
  • Total contacts = The total number of email addresses for which we tracked carts / orders or a next order coupon or both.
Why we have a contact based pricing?
Let me explain through a few examples.  If a contact is deleted, all his/her data will be deleted permanently including the carts, orders, coupons, referrals, etc. That means the customers wont be able to recover their carts or redeem their referrals, etc.
Example 1: Say, Customer A makes an order and receives a coupon for next order. He might use it in 30 days or 40 days or even after 6 months. We provide options for following up the customers through reminders.
Example 2: In referrals, when your existing customers refer their friends, they and their friends can earn rewards. And these rewards had to be stored in that contact account as they can be redeemed at a later point.  Example 3: Say, a customer has unsubscribed from his emails. Let's say, you have deleted his/her contact. Then all his data gets deleted. But, when the same customer abandons a cart next time, he will receive the emails (because his previous data was deleted permanently). This will annoy the customer and also a GDPR violation.  As a result, the contact data is vital to be kept in the account.
11. How to reset my password?
Please follow the steps below to re-set the password:
  1. 2.
    A login screen will appear. There you will see a link "Dont remember your password".
  2. 3.
    Please click the link to re-set your password.
12. When is cart considered as Recovered cart?
We consider an abandoned cart as recovered when the customer successfully recovers and completes the purchase, satisfying the following conditions
  • Retainful sends abandoned cart recover email
  • Customer opens the email and clicks on the abandoned cart recovery link (CTA)
  • Customer is then redirected to checkout, once the customer places order successfully
  • Then Retainful will mark the order as Recovered
For Example, if the customer clicks on a recovery link from a Retainful email and subsequently completes the order, Retainful will mark that order as recovered and also display a record in Retainful dashboard -> Carts
13. When will the abandoned cart recovery emails be stopped not not be sent?
Emails will not be sent or stopped when
  • A customer successfully recovered the cart
  • Or if he places a successful order a while later after abandoning the cart
  • Or if he unsubscribes
  • Or if no email templates were found active in your account
  • Or if you have reached the maximum contact limit of your current plan
14. Will past abandoned cart users receive emails once I install Retainful?
Retainful records abandoned carts, live carts and recovered carts only after it is installed on the site. The plugin has no means to track carts that were abandoned before it was installed on your site.
So cart handling would occur only after you have installed the plugin on the site.
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