Migrate To Improved Integrations

In this article, we guide you through the enhanced process of integration.

We've enhanced our integration process to offer you a smoother experience in connecting Retainful with your preferred marketing and CRM tools. This streamlined process ensures effortless synchronization of customer data.

To integrate your marketing and CRM tool with Retainful, follow these simple steps:


To access this improved integration feature, remove your existing integration. You can follow these steps.

  • Navigate to Integration -> Connected Apps.

  • Choose the app to disconnect and click delete.

And the rest is much easier than before.

Once you’ve done this, you can proceed with the integration of your preferred email marketing tool with Retainful.

Simply connect by entering your API key and selecting the automation you want to integrate with your email marketing tool to add customers to your list.

We offer integration with a variety of email marketing tools:

ActiveCampaign Integration:

  • Steps to integrate with ActiveCampaign: Click here

Mailchimp Integration:

ConvertKit Integration:

MailerLite Integration:

Klaviyo Integration:

Sendinblue Integration:

Follow the prompts to complete the integration process and enjoy the benefits of seamless customer data synchronization. Happy integrating! 😊

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