Popup Editor

Learn how to create and manage engaging popups using the Popup Editor.

Template Customization:

Retainful allows you to customize the popup design. You can change the default text, button text, and more.

  • Pop-up Blocks:

Retainful Editor offers a range of customizable blocks such as text, images, buttons., etc. These can be seamlessly dragged and dropped into the pop-up template for easy customization.

  • Positioning:

You can adjust the position of your elements on the template. This gives you the flexibility to place your elements exactly where you want them on the template (To view positioning click outside the template).

  • Style Manager:

This allows you to adjust position and style settings to suit their preferences, enhancing the visual appeal of the pop-up.

  • Global Styles:

Global Styles allow you to maintain a consistent look and feel across all your pop-ups.

  1. Text Setting:

You can set global font styles that apply to all text elements. This includes font family, size, weight, line height, letter spacing, and color.

  1. Button Setting:

You can define a global style for all buttons. This includes the button color, hover color, text color, border radius, and padding. You can also set a global hover effect for your buttons.

  1. Divider Setting:

The divider setting allows you to set a global style for all divider lines. This includes the line type (solid, dashed, dotted), thickness, color, and alignment.

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