Retainful collects email addresses for further engagement with the customers. You can integrate Retainful with your Hubspot account and start sending emails to your customers effortlessly.

You can inform them of your latest offers and other promotional emails, just by connecting your store with Hubspot.

Things you need before integrating,

  1. A Hubspot account

  2. A mailing list in Hubspot

Integrating with Hubspot

Navigate to your Retainful dashboard → Integrations → Hubspot

Click ‘Hubspot’, this will prompt a menu, where you’ve to enter the API key.

Retrieving the API key from Hubspot

  1. If you already acquired the API key, select ‘Edit’. If you don’t have it, you’ll be taken to ‘enter your credentials’ menu illustrated below.

2. Clicking ‘edit’ will open a Credentials popup, if you had already retrieved your API keys, skip this step or click ‘Find your credentials’

3. You’ll be redirected to Hubspot where you can retrieve your API keys. Once you’ve got your keys click ‘Validate’ and go back to Rretainful.

Step 2: Adding API keys on Retainful account

  1. Login to your Retainful account. Click on the Integrations tab → Hubspot

  2. Paste the retrieved key on the API key field under Hubspot heading.

Once you’ve entered the key and selected the audience or mail list, click ‘Submit’ A popup acknowledging your integration should appear,

That’s it, you’re done, you’ve successfully integrated Retainful with your Hubspot account.