Adding a coupon block on your email template (WooCommerce)
Learn how to add a coupon block in the abandoned cart recovery email template for WooCommerce
Coupon based discounts play a crucial role in driving sales in your store. You could encourage users to resume their abandoned purchases by offering them a coupon discount.
Retainful allows you to add coupon blocks on your abandoned cart email templates easily using intuitive drag and drop editor.
This guide explains how you can add a coupon discount block on your cart recovery email templates.
Adding a coupon block on your email template using Retainful
Step 1: Create a coupon
  1. 1.
    You will have to create a coupon on your site. Navigate to Woocommerce->Coupons. Click Add coupon.
Creating Coupon at WooCommerce -> Coupons
2. You can set the coupon value and other usage instruction
Coupon Configuration
3. The code mentioned here is ‘Holiday123’, you should copy your coupon code for later use.
Step 2: Adding the coupon code to your mail template on Retainful account
  1. 1.
    Login to the Retainful account that you have connected with your store.
  2. 2.
    Navigate to Emails → Manage emails→ Edit → Customize. Or you could create a new template as well.
  3. 3.
    The coupon block can be found on the right-hand side under the Store elements block
Adding Coupon Block in Email Template
4. Drag and drop the indicated block on your mail template's body.
5. Choose the coupon block to add the coupon code that we created on our Woocommerce store earlier at Step-1. Once the block is clicked, the settings would show up as follows
Placing the Coupon Code in Email Template
Note: Post adding the coupon code, edit the text block as per your discount conditions.
Make sure that you Activate the template and Save.
Tada! We have now set up the coupon discount for the abandoned cart email template. Users can claim these coupon discounts by clicking on the Shop Now button found below the coupon code.
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