Testing your next order coupons
Learn how you can test the next order coupons
This article explains you on how you can test the next order coupons in your store

Steps to follow:

After configuring the Next Order Coupon settings in Retainful, please follow the steps below to test if the coupons are getting generated.

1. Set up the Next Order coupon feature

Make sure you have configured the next order coupon settings correctly.

2. Place a Successful Order

The recommended way to test your next order coupons is by placing a successful order in your store. You can consider choosing a low value product in your store for placing this order
    Open your storefront (your online store front) in a Private / Incognito window (so that you can test like a customer)
    Place a successful order

3. Where to see the Next Order Coupon Codes

Now, go to your Retainful dashboard -> Manage -> Next Order Coupons
You should now see the Unique, single-use coupons generated for the customers

4. How to see the Next Order Coupon included in the Order Confirmation emails? (Only for WooCommerce stores)

This step only applies to WooCommerce stores. Please follow the steps below:
    Install and activate this free plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-mail-logging/ (This plugin logs all the outgoing mails from your website)
    Place an order by yourself or wait for an customer to place a successful order in your store
    Go to your WordPress dashboard -> Tools -> WP Mail Log to see the emails sent.
    Open an email log to view its contents

Troubleshooting steps for WooCommerce Stores

If you have not received the next order coupons, please follow these troubleshooting steps

1. Order Status

Have you set the order status correctly in your WordPress dashboard -> Retainful -> Next Order Coupons?
The status of your test order is different than the one selected, then coupon will not be generated.
Recommended setting for this field is: Processing, Completed
order status for next order coupons

2. How many coupons a customer can get in his lifetime?

Retainful generates ONE unique coupon code for EACH successful order. So a customer gets ONE coupon code for his ONE successful order. This parameter determines: "For how many orders, the customer is eligible to receive the coupon code." Example: if you set 5, then a customer can get a coupon for next purchases for his 5 subsequent orders. For the 6th order, he wont get any coupons.
Recommended setting: 99 (so that customer keeps coming back for more and your revenue increases)

3. Minimum order total

If you have set any value other than zero, then make sure your test order total is above the value set in this field.

4. Do not generate if certain products or categories found in this order?

If you make use of this setting, then your test order should not contain the products or categories selected in these fields. If your test order has those products or categories, no coupon will be generated.
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