Configuration for WooCommerce Stores
Learn how to drive repeat purchases using Next Order Coupons in your WooCommerce stores
Retainful helps you drive repeat purchases in your store and increase the Life Time Value (LTV) of a customer. It is fully automated. Once you have configured, you can focus on other aspects of your business, while Retainful can take care of bringing back your customers for more.

What is a Next Order Coupon?

When a customer places a successful order in your store, Retainful can automatically generate a unique, single-use coupon code for their next purchase and send it to the customer. No manual actions required.

Why you should use Next Purchase Coupons?

Every eCommerce business spends tonnes of money in Google and Facebook Ads to acquire visitors / traffic to their store.
Let's say, you are paying $10 per click for your adds, you would have spent $100 to get 10 visitors to your store. If your conversion rate is 10% (which is the industry average), your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is $100 per customer.
  • What if the customer bought products worth $50 in his first purchase and he never returned to the store? Your loss per customer here is $50
  • What if 100 visitors clicked and only 1 customer bought ? Your CAC increases to $1000. That means your loss is $950 (assuming that 1 customer spent $50)
As you can see, just aiming for a single sale / purchase per customer will bring more revenue loses to your business.
This is why a "Repeat purchase" becomes important. And a repeat purchase process does not really cost you. You have already acquired the customer. If at all, there is a cost, it will be 1/10 of your acquisition cost.

How to offer Next Order Coupons in your WooCommerce store

In 3 simple steps, you can configure the next order coupon feature in WooCommerce
After installing the Retainful plugin, please go to your WordPress dashboard -> Retainful -> Next Order Coupons tab.
Next Order Coupon Configuration for WooCommerce
Fill in the following settings to start sending next order coupons to your customers.
Enable Next Order Coupon: Toggle the switch to YES to enable the feature for your store
Coupon Type: Select the coupon type. It can be a percentage or a flat discount for the next purchase of the customer
Coupon Amount: Enter the percentage or flat discount amount you would like to offer to the customer
Coupon expires in: Set a validity for the coupon. Use "0" for unlimited validity (coupon never expires)
These basic settings are sufficient to enable the coupon code to be automatically generated and sent to the customer.
IMPORTANT: Coupon code will be "Automatically generated". No need to enter any coupon code or something like that.
  • By default, it will be a single-use coupon.
  • Once used by the customer, it CANNOT be re-used
  • It will be a UNIQUE coupon. Example: 5BE45-E45-236

Sending the Next Order Coupon Code to the Customers

In WooCommerce stores, Retainful automatically includes the Next Order Coupons in the Order Confirmation email sent to the customer by WooCommerce.
Here is an example:
Next Order Coupon Message Included in the Order confirmation email
You can customize this message in your Next Order Coupon settings.
Please go to your WordPress dashboard -> Retainful -> Next Order Coupon tab.
Find the field "Coupon message to be included in the order confirmation emails to the customer"
Customize Next Order Coupon block in WooCommerce Emails
You can use the following short codes to include the dynamic elements for each order like the Coupon code, expiry date and so on.
  • {{coupon_code}} - Coupon code
  • {{coupon_amount}} - Coupon amount
  • {{coupon_url}} - Url to apply coupon automatically
  • {{coupon_expiry_date}} - Coupon expiry date(If the coupon does not have any expiry days, then this will not attach to the message).

Advanced Configuration

Retainful offers a number of parameters to fine-tune your Next Order Coupon offering for your customers.
Apply coupon to: Choose whether you would like to validate who is using the coupon. By default, the coupon code can be used by anyone who has it for ONCE only. You can also choose to validate the coupon.
  • Allow anyone to apply coupon : Do not validate the coupon if used by a customer. (Recommended. Because the purpose is to drive repeat purchase. It does not really matter who uses it. Since it is a unique code, this code is most likely used by the customers )
  • Allow the customer to apply but validate at checkout: Coupon will be applied but the customer's email will be validated at the checkout. If the email is same as the one for which coupon issued, it will be allowed. Otherwise, the coupon will be removed if anyone other than the customer used the coupon.
  • Allow customer to apply coupon only after login: The coupon will be applied only after the customer logged into your site. (Not recommended).
Next Order Coupon Configuration
Allow next order coupons for orders created in the back end and also for old orders (when re-sending the email notification):
Enable this option if you would like a next order coupon be generated for orders placed before you installed and enabled the Retainful and the NExt order coupon feature.
Show next order coupon in order "Thank you" page?:
When enabled, the customers will see the auto-generated coupon code for their next purchase at the thank you page. The thank you page is displayed as soon as the customer places the order successfully.

Coupon Generation settings

You can also control when to generate a next order coupon based on certain parameters. For example, you can generate the coupon only when the order status is "Processing" and when the customer spent above $100 USD.
Coupon Generation Settings for Next Order Coupons for WooCommerce
Order Status: By default, the next order coupon code will be generated when the order is sucessfully completed. In WooCommerce, the following statuses represent a successful order completion: Processing, Completed. You can also choose other statuses if you would like to control when the coupon code to be generated
User Role: You can choose what types of customers get the next order coupons. Default is All and it is recommended. However, if you like to limit the coupon to your Wholesale customers, you can achieve that as well.
How many coupons a customer can get in his lifetime: The aim is to drive repeat purchases from the same customer. So the recommended setting is 99 or a higher value. However, if you would like to limit how many coupons a customer can get in his lifetime, you can set a value here. Example: If you set 5, then the customer will get next purchase coupons only for his 5 subsequent orders.
Minimum Order Total: By default, a coupon will be generated for any order value. However, if you want to set a minimum threshold to become eligible to receive the coupon code, you can enter a value here. Default is empty.
Do not generate if the following products found in the order: Sometimes, you may want to prevent generating a coupon code if a customer has certain products in his order. You can use this field to add such a limitation
Do not generate if the following categories found in the order: Same as above, but applies to products from one or more categories.

Coupon Usage Restrictions

These restrictions apply at them time of the customer trying to use the next order coupon code he has received for his previous order.
Coupon Usage Restrictions
  • Minimum Spend: Set a minimum spend required for using the coupon
  • Maximum Spend: Set a maximum spend allowed to use the coupon.
  • Individual use only: Use this setting to prevent the customer from using the coupon code with other coupon codes. (That is, prevent customers applying multiple coupons while purchasing)
  • Exclude sale items: Check this box to exclude sale items from the discount
  • Products: Limit the coupon to be applied for selected products
  • Exclude Products: Exclude the selected products from getting a discount under the next order coupon
  • Product Categories: Limit the coupon code to be applied for selected categories
  • Exclude Categories: Exclude selected categories from getting a discount under the next order coupon

Coupon applied response message

You can display a popup indicating the application of the coupon while users redeem their next order coupons. This popup would appear when users click the GO button below the coupon code on their order notifications.
Coupon Applied Response Message

Next Steps

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