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Are you wondering how to make your customers come back and purchase repeatedly? Retainful has answers for you with Next Order coupons.
What is a Next Order Coupon?
When a customer places a successful order, Retainful can automatically generate a single-use, unique coupon for the customer and email it for his/her next purchase. And the coupon can have an expiry / validity.
Retainful can also remind the customers automatically before their next purchase coupon expires.
Sounds simple and easy to encourage your customers to make repeat purchases in your store?
Let’s get you started.
Create a coupon for next purchase
  1. 1.
    Navigate to Retainful dashboard → Emails → Next Order coupon email campaign
2. Click ‘Manage emails’
Next Order Coupon Configuration - Shopify
3. You’ll land on the Next order coupon templates page where you’ll have 3 default email templates.
Discount Selection for Next Order Coupon
4. On top of the templates, you’ll see a discount section, this is where you’ve to specify the discount or value of the Next order coupon.
5. Click ‘Create discount’, a discount menu will popup, where you can select the type of discount from the drop-down menu.
Creating Discount for Next Order Coupon
6. You can see there are 3 types of discount you can offer, ‘Amount’ ‘Percentage’ ‘Free Shipping’.
7. Mention the discount amount, expiry date for the discount, and the no of orders it will be applicable and click ‘Create discount’.
This discount will now be applied to all three default email templates(coupons).
How to send the next purchase coupon to the customer?
Retainful provides a default email template for you to automatically notify the customer with the coupon for the customer.
The email is sent as soon as the customer places and pays for an order successfully in your Shopify store.
To get started, click ‘Edit’ on the email template, to edit the subject line and specify the condition.
Next Order Coupon Email Template Configuration
There are two types of condition you can choose,
  • After the purchase
  • Before the coupon expires.
Click ‘Save & set live’, once you’re done.
How to remind customers about their Next Purchase coupon? In addition to notifying immediately, you can also let Retainful automatically remind the customer about the next order coupon. For example:
  • Send a reminder 7 days after the purchase
  • Send a reminder 1 day before the expiry of the coupon
Setting Up Next Order Coupon Email Templates
Adding more email reminders
You can also add more email reminders to follow-up with your customers and remind them about the next order coupon
  1. 1.
    Navigate to Retainful dashboard → Emails → Next order coupon email templates.
  2. 2.
    Specify the discount(Amount, Percentage and Free shipping), as we did earlier in the process.
  3. 3.
    Click on ‘Add email’ below the predefined email templates.
Adding More Emails to the Sequence
4. You’ll be prompted with a popup displaying 3 templates. You can preview these templates and select the one you prefer.
Selecting the Pre-built Email Template
5. Once you click ‘Use’, you’ll be directed to your edit template page like the previous one where you can mention the time and condition of the coupon.
Email Template Configuration
6. What if I want to personalize my email subject lines?
Yes, you can personalize by adding the customer’s name to the email subject line using the shortcode ‘Use {{customer_name}}’
7. Once you’ve personalized your email, click ‘Save & Set live’ this will add the user-defined email to default email templates.
Next Order Coupon Email Sequence
8. You can also create your Next order coupon templates using this method if you feel 3 default templates aren’t enough for your campaign.
See, that’s how easy it is now when a customer completes his purchase, a mail will be automatically sent by Retainful carrying an exclusive coupon for the customer’s future purchase.
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